Cavaletto Says Send Rauner SB 1 Now!

Springfield….On day 2 of 4 scheduled Special Session days, State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem) is urging Senate President John Cullerton to send SB 1, the revamped school funding formula bill, to the Governor’s desk. The Senate has been holding on to the bill for more than 6 weeks, something Cavaletto says is a purposeful manipulation of the democratic process.

“The Chicago politicians that run the House and Senate are putting pressure on school districts and families and trying to create a crisis of schools not opening on time to score political points,” Cavaletto said. “They are using school kids as pawns in a high stakes political blame game.”

Cavaletto says the Senate is holding on to the school funding bill instead of sending it to the Governor because the Governor has pledged to take out a provision in the bill that allows Chicago to move to the front of the line to receive money to bailout Chicago public schools’ underfunded pensions.

“SB 1 as it currently is written would prioritize paying Chicago pension debts over increasing funds for schools in southern Illinois. That isn’t fair. That money should be going to classrooms in southern Illinois,” Cavaletto said. “Governor Rauner has promised he will fix SB 1 using his veto power. We want to make sure that all districts in Illinois receive equitable and adequate funding. That’s what the Governor’s amendatory veto will accomplish and I fully support him.”

After two press conferences on Wednesday where Governor Rauner singled out Chicago Democrat Senate President John Cullerton for holding back the school funding bill, Cullerton said he plans to send SB 1 to the Governor on Monday, July 31, which is also the final day of 4 planned Special Sessions.

“This is a completely avoidable crisis that the Senate President and Speaker Madigan are causing,” Cavaletto said. “Why are they waiting? People are tired of this. I’m tired of this. Our children don’t deserve to be treated this way. I’m calling on Senate Democrats to do what’s right and send SB 1 to Governor Rauner so he can fix it now.”


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